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SharePoint Document Management System for Legal Practices and Law Firms; Client, Matter and Person Centric Solution

Extend SharePoint as legal DMS for easy management of case related matter content, from Documents to Email in SharePoint. Risk and liability are reduced as email is managed according to regulatory requirements.

Transform Office 365 into a Legal platform for Document Assembly, Collaboration and External sharing portal with Clients and opposing attorneys

PageLight SharePoint as DM for Legal Solution

Access SharePoint Legal DMS Portal through Outlook

Making Legal Documents Accessible from Outlook

Access Legal DM through Outlook

  • Browse and navigate all Client Matter contents stored in SharePoint from Outlook
  • Search contents with flexible taxonomies that relates to practice-level classification
  • Previews of files in SharePoint
  • Create new libraries and folders within practice areas from Outlook

Email Filing and Attachment Handling

  • Drag and drop of emails and attachments, apply Metadata automatically and save in SharePoint
  • Browse, search or right-click on a document to send it as a link or attachment
  • Automatic capture of case / matter related attributes from email
Automatic Metadata capture by PageLight

Prevent duplicates during Email/Attachment Filing

Surface business data through BCS for automatic tagging of documents and emails

Integration with Legal Line of Business Applications

Client / Matter / Person Centric Operation

  • Dynamic integration with Practice Matter Management System
  • Filtering and display of documents for a Matter
  • Automatic tagging of documents with Client / Matter metadata through BCS integration
  • Provisioning of SharePoint containments like Matter Sites, document libraries, and folders per configured business rules

Search SharePoint Contents from Outlook

  • Search by Client and Matter Metadata
  • Send the search results as link in outgoing email
  • Configure search panels to display required Metadata
Find contents based on Client / Matter /Person Metadata and Document Id

Search SharePoint Contents from Outlook

Convert Word, Email messages to PDF

Document bundling and assembly managed in SharePoint

Create and Save PDF into SharePoint

  • Save documents from any application in SharePoint as PDF
  • Create PDF document on fly without any third party tool
  • Choose SharePoint destination when saving from Office applications, Adobe Reader or any application
SharePoint Integration with Outlook and Office Applications
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